I Am Valid


In my work, my identity is best expressed through my exploration of portraiture. Many of my works are feminine in nature with bold imagery and a strong sense of contrast in both content and design. I am passionate about turning the ideas in my head into a reality through my photography. Oftentimes people scoff at work for not being conceptual enough, believing that if a piece does not contain a deep seeded meaning, it is not worth looking at or talking about. Fashion photography is not always viewed as art, and I want to challenge the perception that fashion photography lacks significant content to be considered art. I am projecting the idea that fashion images can be more than just a superficial image, and that these images can in fact reside in the art world as well as in the fashion realm. I designed each of the sets and constructed garments to reflect on the powerful sides of femininity with monochromatic scenes in bold colors to help portray the different personalities. Including this statement as a part of the garment allows me to proclaim that I am a valid artist, that my choice of work is not less than any other art form.